Friday, May 05, 2006

The Usual View

Lost in fog this morning, though we do have a somewhat soggy visitor.

We first met "Baby Doe" in 1998. I remember, because it was a big year for apples and she came regularly to check out (and browse) our two trees and the many fine apples they produced that year.

Then she discovered chicken food, and we haven't figured out how to keep it available to the chickens and inaccessible to her at the same time. Since we've known her, she's raised several sets of twins, partly on pilfered Purina.

I was going to say that we're lost in fog, but really, from my place-centric universe, it's the rest of the world that's disappeared. Nice cozy feeling-- no Denver, no Red Rocks even, out there. And HUMIDITY! Always a thrill in Colorado to feel moisture IN the air. Seems like years since we've had this kind of rainy, drippy May-- and it's most welcome.

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