Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Love Colorado Weather!

Sunday, out looking for wildflowers... Tuesday, watching a llama pack train go by on the trail... Wednesday a.m., back to snow again.

Just yesterday I noticed that many of the huge snowbanks we'd accumulated this winter had completely melted, but it looks as though the few remaining may get a new lease on life! Wasn't bad earlier this a.m., but it's now looking decidedly blizzardy out there. A hundred red-winged blackbirds are taking advantage of the seed I put out, and even Artemis came by for a look around!


Anonymous said...

These dramatic swings in weather are one of Colrado's great pleasures. I suppose those of us who have a house to retreat to can enjoy them more than our remote ancestors, for whom swings like this may have been threats to survival. The first people in Colorado had presumably come from the North, so perhaps this area was no big deal to them.

Maybe its only modern backpackers who forget to be ready for anything. Oh, yes, and our peach tree, which seems to have learned nothing at all about Colorado weather yet, and is always determined to get going a month before it should. Of course it's a visitor here.

I've forgotten my monicker -- River..l.?

Sandy said...

The same thing is happening in Maine! My blog has a spring post one day and a winter one the next! We had another 12 inches of snow night before last.