Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Think Spring!

Can't have that snowy scene still up when spring is officially here! So here's the view for today. Blue skies, a little green showing on the ground, and it's a balmy 68 degrees out there this morning. We've actually been pushing up near 80 degrees a time or two in the last two weeks. Here we go into a whole 'nother seasonal cycle.

I've been getting out more, so in the next few days I'll be able to report on some local field trips and other happenings out there. See today's previous post, if desired, for the nuts and bolts details of why FF has been dormant of late.

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Sandy said...

I have heard this story, Sally, but can't remember where. We have traveled through Nevada several times, but I know for sure, I have not seen the tree.

It is hot and sunny in Maine today. But, there is still snow in the woods! I can't believe all the snow photos posted across the blogdom this April. What a weird year.

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