Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This Morning and Recent Sightings

Yes, again. Why do I always seem to take pictures when it snows? I'm sure it's partly because the continued brown scene gets old, and then of course, snow means movement in the landscape as well as lots of activity at the bird feeders...

We have very fine stuff still drifting down this morning, and only about two inches on the ground. This follows days of boisterous winds, especially yesterday, which was enough to rearrange lawn furniture and anything else not firmly battened down. Winds like that quickly wear out their welcome, making even snow a great relief! Tomorrow is expected to be in the 50s again, and Friday even lovelier.

Catch-up on recent developments re: spring:
  • –Yes, there are hints of green buds on shrubs (lilac, native currants, etc.) and tree pollen is kicking off the spring allergy season most effectively
  • –Friday, April 2nd, was the first Great Blue Heron sighting
  • –Monday, April 5th, the first Turkey Vulture sighting
All these firsts are, of course, only the ones I know about... No hummingbirds yet, but juncos are still prevalent. Bluebirds and meadowlarks are in state, but not in vicinity.

In totally novel news (guess that's a bit redundant), the Easter Sunrise service at Red Rocks took place as planned, with the added element of a helicopter crash on Mt. Morrison. We somehow missed it...


Kay said...

I love your description of the "boisterous" winds--that's a great term to describe what we have been having, too. I think snow makes everything look so lovely--clean, fresh. We have had snow only once ever here in South Texas--Christmas morning about five years ago--and we were out of town for it!
I really like your blog. I'll drop by again.

Sally said...

Thanks, Kay. Nice "meeting" you-- I stopped in at your very impressive site, and am SO jealous-- all those birds! Thanks for coming by.

JOE TODD said...

We have Spring in Ohio Hope it arrives in your neighborhood soon

Sally said...

Thanks, Joe! It definitely feels like it today. We have daffodils, even!