Saturday, October 08, 2011

First Frost

May their seeds be safely scattered
As the annuals hang their heads
May the snakes all safely find their paths
Back to their winter beds.

May next year's buds be safely wrapped
In shrouds of green and brown
And watch from higher branches
As this year's leaves drift down.

With their fledglings safe about them
May birds find a southern home
May bears be fattened, safe in dens
As once more they cease to roam.

May scrub jays find they've safely stored
Enough ripe seeds away
To last them through the season
Til another bright spring day.

In the meadow on the mountain
Where the elk are bedded down
May the grass be always lush and deep
As they rest on mossy ground.

The hummingbirds have scattered
Before the cold front's blast
In Argentina's flow'ry fields
May they find safe food at last.

May the little frogs find safety
In deep mud and warm
In the pond amid the forest
May they winter without harm.

May lichens soften in the mist
And softening, turn to green
In dampened autumn weather
Their best days will be seen.

The aspen is a spendthrift
Dropping leaves of trembling gold
May its forests prosper likewise
As this year grows old.

May the bluestem on the hillside
Shining ever in the sun
Glowing red, embrace the frost
Minding not that summer's done.

May the big skunk in the henhouse
Stealing our eggs
Scuttle safely 'neath the coop
On short, fat, little legs.

May the stars again gleam brightly
Once clouds have cleared away
Orion's winter's in the sky
And Scorpio's gone to stay.

Autumn is upon us
Winter's icy breath we feel
May all beings greet the coming year
As again we turn the wheel

May all here on the homestead
Prepare to do their parts
To welcome winter's shelt'ring snow
Holding summer in their hearts.


Linda-Dale Jennings said...

The clever juxtaposition of your photos and poetry as well as the placement, make for pure loveliness! ldj

kerrdelune said...

This is the perfect blessing for the wild cousins who are migrating south or going into hibernation now. The land will seem silent and still when they are gone, and I am going to miss them all.

The images to go with this beautiful poem are sublime. Just lovely, both words and photos...