Monday, January 09, 2012

Just a Dusting

After all those clear, warm days (even to 60s on Thursday; 15s C), clouds and white-out conditions rolled in Saturday afternoon. Left us with only a few inches/cm, though. Sunday (1/8) arrived bright and clear, but white and cold.

This is the first "view" north of the new year, and an appropriate one. With two nice snowfalls in December, our White Christmas was assured, as well as some relief for the trees and shrubs that depend on winter moisture. Sad to see other parts of the country are still waiting. Need snow? Check out winter in the Lanark Highlands, courtesy Kerrdelune. Her photo today is even more lovely.

If your wintry days need brightening with blossoms, visit the December Berry-Go-Round, hosted by the Roaming Naturalist.

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