Saturday, March 31, 2012

Can this really be Spring? Already?

Baby black widows and wildfires aren't the only signs of Spring around here. It's a'poppin', and that in itself is reason for concern.

March turned out to be drier than ever before, after that near-record-wet February. Usually our snowiest month, March yielded nary a flake, although it took most of the month for February's piles to melt. But with dry air and some wonderful winds, no wonder fire season is gearing up fast...

But Spring will not be dissuaded easily when temps run in the 70s. (10s C)

Where are those Phenology folks when you need 'em?

According to Bloom Watch, average peak for cherry blossoms is April 4. This year, peak was March 20, and blooming period was only 9 days, compared to 2008's 17 and a 5-year average of 12.5 days.

DBG explains phenology here.

Yes, it's glorious, but cheer up! Snow and rain are in the forecast, starting late tomorrow. We can only hope...

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