Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Back-Blog

or Previews of coming attractions?

Almost three-quarters of a year in absentia from Foothills Fancies makes for a new record. It's not one of which I'm particularly proud. But gaps are inevitable, so I'm delighted to join the ranks and share the spirit of Blogging Without Obligation (see sidebar). Let's hope it will help protect you from overly dull routine posts.

Interspersed with current events over the next few weeks, I plan to recreate some of the stories that never did quite make it into cyberspace during my unscheduled disappearance—like a taste of summer in midwinter.

Among these long overdue stories are:
  • The fabulous fungal forays of August 2006 and August-September 2007
  • Adventures in Toadland, also August 2006
  • More on Maine, July 2006
  • Ohio and Indiana, June 2007
  • Return to the alpine and its wildflowers, July-August 2007
  • Revisiting my lovable lichens, summer 2007
  • A fern fantasy, summer 2007

IF and when these are written, I'll turn the above to-do list into links. Damn the chronology, full speed ahead!

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