Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something New

Yesterday I spent my blogging time experimenting with one of Blogger's new features, the "Slideshow." It never did work. This morning I did the exact same thing I did so many times yesterday, and suddenly we have a recap of the "views from home" that have decorated posts since this blog started almost two years ago (see sidebar). Sunrises and sunsets and all four seasons are represented, beginning in January. Please be patient, it takes a while to load the first time.

At the moment, there are 26 views, with a goodly portion being from January. Longtime readers know that snow is a regular feature—active forms of weather always tempt the camera. June, August, and September are not yet represented, but we'll remedy that this year. (In 2006, my first and most active blogging year, I was gone the entire month of June; I can't explain the absence of August and September.) I have taken the liberty of adding a few unposted photos from earlier years just to round out the annual glimpse of life in the foothills, will add more when I run across them. (And now they've gotten a bit out of order, but at least it's working!)

Nice to know you can teach this old dog new tricks.

By the by, today is my second blogiversary, marking the attempt to learn another new trick. My first-ever post is at Local History Explorer, my experimental testing ground. To date, I've written 260 posts on 13 different blogs, but Foothills Fancies remains in the lead.

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