Thursday, March 06, 2008

Caught in the Act!

Ummm, what's this? Tasty?

Yikes! Something's watching me! I wasn't doing anything, honest!

Mom, mom!

Yes, dear? What seems to be the trouble?

Oh that, don't worry about her!

I feel safer hiding here with you, mom...

There, there, dear, it's just a camera!

This little drama transpired right outside the door yesterday morning. Baby was so cute and fluffy I couldn't resist a few photos. A yearling (I'm thinking "she") from 2007, apparently, barely tall enough to see over mom's back. She probably doesn't realize that she'll be getting a new little sibling one day soon.

It's tough to keep the juncos fed on a snowy day without encouraging these guys, but short of turning the dogs out... options are limited.

A double demonstration of why they're called "Mule" Deer...