Monday, March 31, 2008

Berry Comes to Foothills

Issue 4 of the new plant carnival, Berry-Go-Round, will appear here at Foothills Fancies on April 28th. You may submit your plant-oriented post by emailing subversivescience AT gmail DOT com, or via the automated submission form at Blog Carnival. Deadline for submissions is April 25.

Despite a dusting or two of snow here the last couple days, I plan to go hunting for signs of spring, both out in the wilds and around the blogosphere. By late April, I'm sure we'll all be seeing lots of spring wildflowers. So please send me your own seasonal discoveries for this next edition of Berry-Go-Round. Folks in the southern hemisphere will, of course, be enjoying the fruits of other seasons. However, all posts about plants are welcome. Berry-Go-Round generously allows us to continue to include fungi, so mushrooms and friends can also be included.

Edition 3 of Berry-Go-Round is currently up at Greg Laden's blog, with great reading and new revelations. Check it out!

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Texas Travelers said...

Looking forward to it.