Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Exciting Morning

But, alas, no photo. Dog #2 was the first to somehow sense a unique visitor, and dashed out to greet a Wild Turkey strolling along the north fence (fortunately OUTside). The Husband and Dog #1 picked up on the message, and we were all in time to watch the turkey fly east into the much quieter neighboring yard.

Although turkeys are certainly known to be in the area, this is the first time in our 27 years here that we have had the pleasure of seeing one so close. Hope we don't have to wait that long for another visit!

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Dave said...

I remember my first wild turkey: Williams Gulf, North East Township, Erie County, PA, along about 1950. It exploded from just below us, and I yelped and jumped back. I remember my father laughing, and the thrill of realizing it was OK, whatever it was, and then laughing with him as he explained.