Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Road to Hell

I have so much to blog about! Watcher-like, I'd even made a plan, a list of things to cover here at Foothills Fancies. And yet, that prickly pear cordial sat up here all month, embarrassing me by its continued top-o'-the-blog presence when there are spring storms to cover (another foot of white stuff last Friday that I missed almost completely), an entire round-trip across Colorado, Earth Day tomorrow and my wistful plan to cover Good Earth stuff all month... sigh. Time has not been on my side of late.

And now, thanks to a snowy April putting us back on track for annual moisture (and then some!), green and growing things will be bursting out of the ground faster than I can record them. Hallelujah, it's April, and spring is really here this time! (I'm convinced, anyway, what with it hitting almost 80 today, 27C.)

Coming Attractions: Well, we've got Flicker Love, The Bird List (yes, I've finally started keeping track, sort of), Trophy Hunting, geological discoveries, the Windshield Survey of Colorado (with a little bit of Utah thrown in), and more, much more.

Expect wonders! What else can I say on a fine spring day?

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Watcher said...

Alright! Now those sound like some good posts- I'm psyched!