Saturday, April 04, 2009

Status Quo

Spring, at least a spring where we can talk about plants and flowers doing interesting things, has been indefinitely delayed. At last report, we are apparently due for snowy cold days every few days for the rest of the week. For an idea of what's going on out there today, please see the previous post. Same scene, next verse. Birds, suet, drab gray... on it goes.

Happily, we can get our plant fix elsewhere this week, with the current Berry-Go-Round carnival, now posted at Neotropical Savanna. A taste of the tropics, a little evolution, some springy thingies, tips on orchid gender, and a peek at neato-phytes all await your exploration over there in Panama, where it's much more plant-friendly than here.

The Propagator and I got into a lively discussion last night at First Friday: he brought along a single bloom plucked from one his Aporophyllum plants, which are apparently blooming like crazy! So a field trip to his greenhouse may be in order this week... we've got to find something botanical to report, and I need a dose of spring! (I'm not complaining, mind—until this week, we hadn't had snow all year, and I shan't look askance at gift moisture!)

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