Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Forget-- BGR #18 deadline

Submissions are due Sunday June 28th —at midnight Mountain Time—for the next edition of the Berry-Go-Round blog carnival, to be posted next week here at Foothills Fancies.

I've only received a few valid submissions (and a bit of clutter), so please send something, and you'll get a prime feature spot for your blog on the next edition! I'd prefer you NOT use the submission form, as that seems to be where the junk is coming from. See previous post for full instructions on submitting to this round.

Assuming we don't want to read about condo lodging, health care, or spyware removal in our plant carnival, please please forward links to your favorite plant posts—yours or someone else's— to help us out here! Drop a link in comments below, if you like!

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