Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More on Coralroot

In response to Haiku Monday and the earlier post on Coralroot orchids, friend Cat Woman sends the following:

Also noticed your reference to a rare cousin of the Spotted Coral Root orchid, probably Wisteriana, which I occasionally find growing not far from the creek here. Compared to the spotted, it's paler, more fragile, has few spots, and lacks the small lobes at the base of the lip (which is more gnarley around the margin). You have to look really close to tell them apart.

Since it's Haiku Monday:

On hands and bent knee
The only way to know her

Indeed CW, I was talking about Corallorhiza wisteriana--glad to know you have them nearby. The haiku is great too! Meanwhile, here's a better photo of the more common Spotted Coralroot, C. maculata.

Photo copyright L. Livo.

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