Friday, November 14, 2008

All is Forgiven

Dear Mr. Weatherman:

I apologize. I was sure you said you'd sent that "Next Day Air," but it arrived a day later. Please forgive my outburst yesterday.

At first light this morning, there was barely a dusting, but now it looks to be getting serious. (You do know I have to be on top of Lookout Mountain for a meeting at 11, right? Never mind, I'll cope!)

And guess who's here? She reminds me of the old weather predictor: if the dog/rock is wet, it's raining, etc... So today, if the deer is white, it must be snowing.

Anyway, thanks. Whatever this amounts to will be much appreciated!

Best wishes—
Foothills Fancies

p.s. For those who are wondering why the deer is white, and is she freezing?, these critters are well insulated! They have hollow hair that prevents heat loss and keeps the cold from getting through to their skin. You probably already knew that!

1 comment:

Watcher said...

SLW- I smiled when I read your snow lament. When I lived in Evergreen, when we'd get a bit of snow in the Spring or Fall, I'd sometimes hope that Morrison was dry so I'd be able to mtn bike. I often was a bit crestfallen when it snowed down your way!