Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bird du Jour: Hairy Woodpecker

Latest kid on the block showed up this a.m., bigger and louder than the Downy Woodpecker we've covered before. He (red spot confirms male) has been here before, I don't think this is a new record, but it's been a long time. First spotted on the ash tree, he politely flew to the apple, then the elm, to give me time to refill the suet feeder. Then he checked out the sunflower tube (right), sampling that offering,

before returning to the ash to see what was in the huge split in the trunk. (We lost a major branch this summer.)

Finally, on to the suet, where his pose would allow a good look if only I were a less hasty photographer. (Stop and hold still, girl.)

The red-wing flock showed up first this a.m. Clearly I am going to have to fill sunflowers the night before.

[Addendum this afternoon: I think the female Hairy just showed up... They may be juveniles, these two.]

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