Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ice... Not So Nice!

Does it look a bit glossy out there today, despite the gloom? Almost killed myself going out to fill the bird feeder. Everything is coated with a sheet of ice—the ground, the bird feeder and birdbath, every twig, cactus branch, and blade of grass.

The doe showed up; she looks like she's wearing white mascara. Her eyelashes are coated with ice—but she seems to be able to see just fine. (Click to enlarge for a better view.) She's watching me to make sure I'm not letting the dogs out after her. I wonder how she avoids slipping!

Notice too that she's standing next to the big Rabbitbrush (a topic of yesterday's post) that is always part of the front-yard view. See slide show in sidebar.


Endment said...

We have tiny beads of ice all over here - nothing like what you are getting - guess I will hug my quilt and be glad I am inside.

Anonymous said...

Hi .. Here is somethign for you .. Hope you like it :

Dave Coulter said...

Great shot!