Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Coyote a Day, Today

This is the scene, as of 7:30 a.m. Winter coming this week, the weather guy says, but so far just chill and damp; not even a hard frost yet. The Rabbitbrush is in full bloom, as you can see.

Daylight, time to let the chickens out, but when I looked out to do so, I saw a Coyote just outside our fenceline. I stepped out, let her see me, and made a little noise. She opted for a different direction, back down into the park. She’s there, in this picture, but her voice is the only evidence. She/they is/are yipping and chatting just out of sight. I let the dogs out back, and now they won’t come in to go out front and monitor the situation. All cats are accounted for.

And THEN I reached for the camera. Ah, presence of mind!

Finally the dogs come crashing back into the house and out the front door. Their mad dash to the fence tells me they haven’t forgotten which direction Coyote went. All is quiet.

I’ll wait a few minutes more before I let the chickens out.

Compare spring views here.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Countryside Musings...

It's fall over at One Deep Breath, and the theme for this week is Countryside. I've been reading "Last Child in the Woods," by Richard Louv, and growing fearful for the future of nature. (Although he also reports many encouraging steps to overcome what he's calling "nature-deficit disorder.") So today's prompt brings us this:

crisp leaves line the path

it's fall in the countryside

where are the children?

I'm still looking for a photo to match my memories of shuffling through the leaves, inhaling the sweet scents of fall in the woods. Hope to have one up soon.

For more on this inspiring book, please see: Why Kids Need Nature, a review for parents that discusses Louv's book and its key points. And head for the hills this fall, with your kids!

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