Monday, May 07, 2012


A long-awaited glorious morning, one in which water actually falls from the sky. Among other desired effects, it salvages our spring, rescuing native wildflowers that were already on their way to crispening.

The "downside," if there is one in this most welcome weather, is that we missed seeing the full effect of the Supermoon Saturday night as we stood outside admiring a light show in the clouds and hearing... what's that? Thunder! Hallelujah! (No matter, next month's full moon will be only 1% smaller.)

Very little water actually fell Saturday night, and skies were Colorado-clear-blue Sunday morning. Hopes seemed dashed, but were redeemed last night when an apparent gentle monsoonish season started. Only 0.22 inches so far, but snow is expected above 7,500 ft later today, so all seems promising.