Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Relocating after Nine Years Here

Something new in the fancy foothills world—now we have our own domain. (I probably shouldn't say "we," but I keep hoping some of my naturalist friends will contribute, as they are better naturalists and photographers than I am!) As of January, FF has a new home at It's still a little rustic; the furniture is moved but the pictures aren't all hung properly and there's lots of boxes sitting around and decorating still to do.

But, in case you were worried I'd disappeared entirely, there are actually a few new posts over at the new digs:

Foothills Fancies was a Spring Thing, started on the equinox in 2006. This is always a great time for new beginnings.


Although all the old FF posts are archived over at the new place, the formatting didn't transfer well and they will be prettier and more easily read here at Blogger. Use the Blog Archive or the Category Labels in the sidebar to access old posts. FF posts for 2006-2014 will remain here, and I'll be linking to them from new posts on related topics.

No guarantees I'll post more often, but there's lots going on and the possibility of new kinds of information from new places.

I'm not satisfied with the new template yet, so there'll be more changes to the look—but the content will be stable, and (I hope) a little more regular.

Why the move? I'm working a lot in WordPress for other projects lately and finding it harder to switch back and forth, especially with new interfaces being introduced—on both ends! WP offers the opportunity to consolidate more than Blogger does, and I hope the new site can be a central access point for all my online activities. The public ones, anyway. It's a challenge to stay on top of multiple online identities and I'm hoping consolidating will help.

I've immensely enjoyed the blogging community I've connected with here at Foothills Fancies; it's given me inspiration to write and to report observations here on the homestead. With a few exceptions, however, my blogging pals are moving on to other challenges or finding other ways to keep in touch. I'm enjoying Twitter at @slwhiteco, so look for me there. And do come visit at!

This post is my cookie crumbs... I'm off but I'll try to keep in touch here from time to time.

Thanks for all the fun—hope to see you soon!