Tuesday, October 10, 2017

First Snow, Seasonal Changes

This past weekend brought the season's first snow to the Foothills Fancies homestead. We were not there to see it. After 36 years, we've moved on to a new location on the sunrise side of the country, with a much different view. More on that another time.

Fortunately, we're still connected to this place we knew and loved for so many years. My niece and her husband bought the property! They are already in love with it and are making it their own. I'm taking the liberty of borrowing this photo she posted on Facebook, in hopes it can be her first post here as she learns about her new surroundings.

All our best wishes to the new caretakers of this wonderful place and the wildlife that has thrived here for so many years. May the foothills grow ever warmer in your hearts...