Friday, April 07, 2006

Gray Day Turns White

As I was saying to the Husband this a.m., "looks like there's moisture in the air out there." Green Mountain in the distance was obscured by a hazy film suggestive of air you can't quite see through!

Then, it rained for a little while. How exciting! Rain is a relatively rare event here--yesterday I virtually did a rain dance in the parking lot at the office because there were sprinkles on the pavement. But today, actual rain was slanting down.

Now it's turned into fat white globs and is pelting gently down. I neglected to check the temp when I got up, but it's currently hovering at 38. Balmy. Here's the view as of 7:39 a.m. The white globs will show up better if you click on the picture for a larger version.

Yes, that's Red Rocks in the distance. And what's that in the foreground? Can it be? Yes, I think... it's... GREEN!

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