Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Haiku, um... Wednesday?

Okay, Sunday then! I've really been enjoying last week's posts over at One Deep Breath-- where our challenge is "the sound of music," and oodles of new talent is appearing! I've had a fun week getting acquainted with all the new contributors, as well as seeing what our regulars have to say.

Time to give up and join in! Here's the one I actually did write on Haiku Monday:

two crows in one tree
calling on the morning breeze
day's music to me.

And here's one to inject a little levity:

last night it got late
"I'll do the dishes," he said
Music to my ears.

And, did you notice, "music of the spheres" not only rhymes but has the same syllable count? So here's one more for good measure.

music of the spheres
singing from all Nature brings
music to my ears.

Alas, it's as if FF is still on vacation-- not just The Trip, but even now that I'm home! So I have a huge backlog of ideas I just need to turn into pixels. One of these days, I'm sure, I actually will!


Maxly said...

Love 'em all!


Jennifer S. said...

excellent, the second brought me a smile - an "a ha" moment!

Anonymous said...

I love crows, and have had three come to my yard everyday for years and years. The must be a family.

great lines --music to my ears/music of the spheres

Anonymous said...

interesting haikus !!