Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Goes around, comes around...

Awoke this morning, in the dark, to the sound of rain beating against the roof and windows. Finally it quieted, but only because it turned to snow. So now, several hours later, there are still these big white flakes pelting down. They can't do much-- can they?-- but it looks downright blizzardy out there. Thermometer is hovering at about 36 degrees. Cats want to go out, but only the whiskers make it through the door before the rest of the body changes its mind.

I'm resisting taking a photo of this muck. Fortunately, there truly is "nothing new under the sun," and as Foothills Fancies has now accumulated a full year of posts, if you want to see what it looks like out there, you can stop in at April 7, 2006... and see also Lilac Snow for evidence that, even now, it's not too late for measurable accumulation of that crystallized H-2-0!

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