Monday, February 23, 2009

Peaceful and Quiet

This quiet morning photo takes in a scene that, yesterday, was rather more busy. This version was taken on the 11th of February, looking just north of east toward Denver, and represents the norm... But looking out yesterday we saw a coyote, no two, just outside the fence between our yard and the neighbor's driveway, midground here.

That merited a closer look, as the chickens were already out. We watched as the coyotes puttered around for a minute, then dashed across, exiting stage right, which is left in this photo. One... two... three of them, going west about as fast as they could. Pretty impressive! And, thankfully, none of them carried a chicken!

For several days, a neighbor has been calling with reports of a fox in her yard, heading for ours. A quick dash to look has revealed nothing each time. Until yesterday. This time, she was a little more alarmed—"he's in your yard!" I stepped out, still nothing, it seemed at first; chickens all huddled quietly—until a red streak dashed from beside the chicken's gate to the far corner, up and over the fence, and (again) away to the west. I don't recall red foxes being so big! But he carried no afternoon snack away with him.

The dogs, of course, went berserk, but by the time they were allowed to scope out the yard, it was far too late for a close visit with their friend.

This morning it's quiet again, as this view to the southeast testifies. I find myself looking out to the north, the usual view, every few minutes, but only one hungry cervid and several hungry corvids are hanging about. I fear the dogs and I, however, will be on alert all day. A post on wild canids may be ahead of us, especially if the camera is ever at hand when opportunity strikes.

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