Sunday, August 21, 2011

Alive in the 21st Century

Yesterday, the Husband and I finally broke down and went to the Big Box to look at ummm... devices to upgrade our technical communications skills. You know, things that teenagers today take for granted and take everywhere. It was a crash course with a lot of new jargon to absorb—about 4G and 3G and wireless hotspots and dual-core mobile processors and adaptive display technology. Makes you wonder how thousands of generations of humans got along without these important necessities.

There were things that sounded delicious, like Honeycombs and Gingerbread and Cupcakes, but just made us hungrier. We were Inspired and Captivated; our imagination took Flight; we were surprised at the Incredible Intensity with which we could explore the Galaxy, even the Cosmos. It's truly a Revolution, and it hit us like a Thunderbolt. All very sci-fi, with Droids and Comets and Photons—wheeee! We Clutched each other with diminishing Status as the price tags added a little Gravity to the situation and Restored our Touch. Can we Prevail? Are we ready to Thrive?

Sigh. Now I have Tablet Envy. It's only a matter of time. Maybe I'll even be a better blogger??

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