Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Going south...

We found three beautiful inches of snow on the yard and cars and everything else this morning. Lots of moisture in it too--I thought, mistakenly, I could just sweep it off, but it was far too heavy. Good for those lovely green daffodil tips that are just poking out of the soil.

But soon I will have something completely new to post about!* Tomorrow bright and early, friends and I head south and west. We're off to Tucson, AZ, for some birding and botanizing with Book Lady and more of the First Friday crew. The Chemist, the Lioness, and I are (gulp) driving down together, and expect to share many nature adventures along the way.

I'm hoping that this will help jog the blogging genes loose and we'll get lots of new photos and material to share online. Book Lady has been dazzling us for weeks with temptations like bobcats, hummingbirds, Gambel's quail, and (so I hear) even roadrunners. Foothills Fancies will hang out in some different foothills, maybe even old stomping grounds in southern Arizona, and (we can only hope) come back newly inspired to write about the home turf.

* Let me assure you there's been no dearth of things to post about around here for the past few months. Have just been off pursuing other challenges...

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