Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another Taste of Spring

Addendum: In my search for posts for Berry-Go-Round in recent weeks, I missed a wonderful opportunity to introduce you to Cate at Beyond the Fields We Know. She was buried in snow the last time I stopped in, so I hadn't expected her to have flowers already. For a glorious look at eastern woodland wildflowers, some of my childhood favorites, please drop by. Her May Day (Beltane) tribute is just up, but do scroll down through a marvelous sequence of Trout Lily, Bloodroot, Trillium and more!

Meanwhile, here at "the Shire" (as The Husband would say), we are having a lovely Beltane Day as well. Much needed moisture, but perhaps not preferred in quite this form. I must go cover the asparagus, just emerging. Wonder if the ash leaves will make it through this time.


Dave Coulter said...

Yes, that same storm is due to create havoc here tonight. I hear they got thumped in Missouri & Arkansas today :(

Texas Travelers said...

I'll quit griping. We got down to 49 the other night and I thought that was cold.

Nice photo and take care of the asparagus.

Have a great weekend,