Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Feathered Firsts

Yes, it's that time of year again, when we're watching for the first of the spring migrants to return. But beyond that, a few place-firsts have happened along too. Here's an update.

Most startling, perhaps, among the wild happenings lately was the Wild Turkey that showed up on Earth Day, April 22. Our first sighting here in more than two decades...

Then, on Sunday (May 4), we saw our first-ever Red Breasted Nuthatch here at the homestead. (And my 2nd ever in Colorado...)

Yesterday, I spotted the first Bullock's Oriole, a male, dipping from the hummingbird feeder of course.

And today (with, finally, a picture): the Red-Naped Sapsucker (or so I conclude from examination of the bird books). His red appears to be more on the throat and crown than the nape, to my view. He's also a first-ever here, and for me.

Also today, the first Black-headed Grosbeak of our local flock appeared. A bright male, like the one at my 2006 Mother's Day post. Have not spotted the females yet, but these are among our favorite local nesters. I've lost track of how many generations we've raised here...

So, welcome to all of you birdies. The red and orange season has clearly arrived, and the Juncos seem to have moved on. We still have a few White-crowned Sparrows around though.

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Dave Coulter said...

Very nice. The migrants have been pretty visible in these parts the past couple weeks, too!