Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Long Winter's Night

Snow started falling Thursday evening, just in time for rush hour. Though results were not, at first, impressive, dire forecasts calling for record amounts of white stuff turned out to be right on target. Yesterday was a howling blizzard, keeping most everyone close to home.

Forty hours later, we have about two feet of good wet insulation on the ground, and it's feeling much more like one of the spring delights March traditionally brings than anything we'd expect in February. This storm was thoroughly predicted, leaving no one unprepared. I was just surprised the weatherfolk were accurate this time!

So today, as the flakes finally stop and the sun even touches the rocks now and then, is a day for digging out. The cars are unrecognizable lumps in the driveway. The dogs have been finding great joy in romping through the drifts; not a single cat has been interested in exploring the new landscape.


pamit said...

I'm a few miles away from you on Lookout...about 2.5 feet up here...spring flowers on the way! Nice pics you have.

Sally said...

Hi, Pamit! Thanks for the comment and the local update. Yes, indeed, great spring on the way-- remember how terrific it was after the March blizzard of '03, or in 2007?