Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hairy Legs Alert

Yes, another arachnid is just around the corner. Bee Lady sent this great photo, taken by her husband Dave in their backyard yesterday.

This little gal/guy was out soaking up some rays in the lovely sunny days we're having of late. Spider lovers, any chance of an ID on this jumping spider? And what was that about big (I want to say pedipalps, is that it?) signifying the males?

How 'bout it Texas Travelers, can you help us out here? Of course, you should click to enlarge this cutie! (Love that brush cut, kinda like my boyfriend back in high school!)

Bee Lady also reports they found pasque flowers up, though not yet blooming, at a foothills park a few miles up the canyon. Two weeks ago we saw buds on the Easter daisies down the trail, and a friend found them blooming on nearby Green Mountain. AND the Squaw Currants (Ribes cereum) and Golden Currants (Ribes aureum) in the backyard are budding to green as we speak. See Shrubs for All Seasons for more on native shrubs.

Even the exotics are putting in an appearance. The oriental elms are in full bloom, witnessed by all who suffer from pollen. Lilac buds are opening, daffodil leaves push up through dead leaves, and all remnants of those late-lying snowbanks have disappeared. All proof that Spring is indeed coming... is here, whatever snows are ahead.


Texas Travelers said...

I'm not sure about the range but it looks like a California Jumping Spider. Need more detail on the spider.

Texas Travelers said...

Specifically, where was it photographed? Also best guess as to the approximate size? Did the abdomen have the same salt & pepper appearance? If Jumping Spiders were as big as Bulldogs, they would rule the world. BTW, great photo. I liked the rest of the post also. Troy, in Ft. Worth

Brine Queen said...

Beautiful shot. I was thinking that those hairs looked a lot like eyelashes rather than a brush cut.