Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Balance of the Day

Our daily view seems to concentrate on the mornings, as in yesterday's post. Here's the other end of yesterday, to balance things out. What's left of the sun is coming through the valley of Bear Creek to strike the western faces of the Red Rocks outcrops for a change. This is about all we get of sunsets; our view west is blocked by the first range of foothills.

Compare above with this sunrise view from January 2006, as yesterday we couldn't see the sunrise. (I know this is in a post somewhere, but I just can't find it yet.) I do more sunrises because I like the way the rocks are reflected in their long shadows stretching westward. Here's another.

Already approaching 50 degrees (10C) and it's only 7:15 a.m. This snow will be gone before the next storm hits this weekend.

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Watcher said...

One of the things I always miss about the Front Range is all those 50F winter days and the quick melts between storms. For some reason those are a lot rarer over here on the Wasatch Front. We get the same storms (usually a day earlier) but don't get the in-between melts nearly as often. You guys are lucky!