Monday, December 15, 2008

For the Record

It's bitter... 5 below zero... this morning (that's
-21 C; sounds more impressive that way, doesn't it?). Too bad the photo didn't capture the white glaze of hoarfrost on the branches of the ash tree. Snow crunching underfoot when I stepped out (ever so quickly!) for the photo.

I haven't let the chickens out and doubt they'd come anyway. They'd probably appreciate some oatmeal though! (Corn meal mush yesterday, though warm, didn't seem to be a hit, much to my surprise.) DH set up a heater in the coop last night, so I hope they're comfortable—more than they would be without it, at least!

Our chicken adventure started twelve years ago, and my first impressions are recorded at Small Wonders. It's amazing how many of my predictions have come true since then!

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Watcher said...

OK so you know how last week I commented all wistfully about how I missed those 50F winter days on the Front Range? So I forgot about what I *don't* miss about your weather- those "Arctic Air Masses"! For some reason, though we get plenty of rough winter weather here in Salt lake, it hardly ever dips below 10F...

Good chicken article. Do you guys raise other animals? BTW, when I did the research for the color vision post I seem to recall reading that chickens may be pentachromatic.