Monday, January 01, 2007


Yes, Sandy, we did get snow. In fact, I've never seen the foothills looking fancier! See today's previous posts for a recap of our fall/winter weather. Be sure to click on any of the photos in these posts for a closer look.

Here are a couple shots of The Husband digging out with shovel and snowblower. He wanted a photo of the "plume"... In this first photo, that gentle slope in the foreground is the hood of my car!

But I'm not sure whether he was helping-- or burying-- the car (gray thing behind snowblower) in this shot. We are pretty well cleaned out now, the snow stopped on Friday.

Residual side-effects include the dogs using the drifts to jump over fences into the chicken area. Fortunately, chickens are staying close to the coop, don't like wading in drifts-- no casualties so far.

Of course, those of us who are nature nuts are looking forward to great effects on next spring's wildflowers! Another push (like the March 2003 blizzard) to pop lots of great things out of the ground. This is the first wet December we've had in years, and that's marvelous. With 18-20 inches EACH in these last two storms, we should be in great shape. In fact, the weatherfolk report that December 2006 precip now exceeds 2005 winter total.

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