Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's Been Quite a Year...

On the eve of the anniversary of my first-ever blog post, here's a partial record of my record in blogging this past year:

  • Local History Explorer started 1.17.06 12 posts

  • Foothills Fancies started 3.20.06 90 posts (to date)

  • Paul B. Sears started 4.26.06 10 posts

  • Romantic Naturalists started 5.29.06 3 posts

  • Eastbound 2006 6.29.06-8.02.06 68 posts

There are a few others I've started, some with other people, but these are the ones most likely to continue... It's intriguing that other people I've tried to work with haven't demonstrated this enthusiasm for blogging.

Why so many blogs? Why not one "whole life" blog, as others have seemed to accomplish? My first thought was I wanted them to be focused (somewhat), and had several very different topics I wanted to talk about. Once I got hooked, of course, blogging seemed the answer to every need for expression! I still seem willing to create new blogs as the occasion arises.

I started blogging for several reasons, and will no doubt continue. FF has been the most "successful" (if that means consistent), but even FF has had long periods of silence. 90 posts in 10 months is not a track record most bloggers would be proud of! I'm okay with it... I needed and enjoyed the process, and it's connected me with lots of good people, new ideas, and great memories.

I'll be staying with it...

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