Monday, January 01, 2007

Storms Start...

I'm going to backtrack a bit here, to get these storms (now that there are so many of them) in sequence. According to my incomplete notes, the first memorable one arrived on October 26th-- and brought us a surprise visitor.

Those are my lilacs he's eating... note that the leaves are still on them, guess that's what's making them so enjoyable. As you can see, he's standing in only a couple inches of snow from this early storm.

We see Elk here rarely, so this big bull was followed around the neighborhood by a network of phone calls alerting each house in turn. The lilacs are about 20 feet from our front door.

Storm 2 arrived on Nov 30-Dec 1, and dropped about 8 inches of nice white stuff. It brought a visit from Artemis (or a friend), who killed a Scrub Jay right next to the chicken coop. Her aim must be improving; a jay is a tougher meal. No photos this time.

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