Friday, January 05, 2007

Here we go again...

On December 17th, in preparation for a neighborhood party, I put out a few decorations, including this little sign, followed on the 21st by about 18 inches of nice white stuff. On December 28th, after we finally made it home from the west slope, through Storm #4 and another 18 inches, The Husband insisted I take it down. And I did! It doesn't seem to have helped; now, we have Storm #5 anyway! A cumulative total of about 44 inches-- and still falling.

Other decorations were similarly fated, especially the little tree that we had inside for the party. A small live Blue Spruce, it had to go back outside so it wouldn't break dormancy. It got buried on the 21st and no one has seen it since! I trust it's cozy under a snowy blanket-- and hope to see it again soon.

Birds aren't the only visitors coming down from the mountains. I went out to a meeting Wednesday morning, and saw three herds of Elk --two on the hogback and a large herd at the golf course in Golden. Naturally, I didn't have my camera with me. Guess I won't be getting out today to photograph them-- but here's one that stopped by in October.

The all-time best picture (and sentiment) is this one sent by Cat Woman during the first big storm (#3), with just three shopping days left til... The dog's name is Stormy, because she was rescued during a big foothills snowstorm a few years ago. Perfect!


Anonymous said...

I love all your storm stories and the photos of the birds and wildlife. Have you ever read Diane Mott Davidson's cooking mysteries? In the Colorado town she uses in her stories, it is not uncommon for elk to be walking through the yards. Is that true, or true fiction?

Good luck with the next storm!

SLW said...

Thanks, Sandy! I haven't read Davidson's cooking mysteries, but have heard of them... will have to check her out. She lives in nearby Evergreen, just 11 miles up the canyon, where Elk do often wander the streets and hang out in people's yards!