Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coyote Morning...

Just got home from the Big Box store, and Husband said "there's a coyote barking out there"... Sure 'nuf! Only took a minute to find him/her with the binocs!

Finally, coyote pictures to go with my stories!! Only minutes old as I post these... (Foreground pines and fenceposts are in our yard; the junipers behind him/her about 200 yards/meters beyond.)

Bee Lady says the coyotes are gone from Red Rocks; nice to know there's still at least one around.

The dogs were inside, fortunately, but clamoring to get out. A week or so ago, a woman in the Denver metro area was attacked by a neighborhood coyote.

Wait for dark—maybe you'll get lucky and find a fresh hen! (Thank goodness it's cold, and the cats are inside!)

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