Saturday, January 24, 2009

For the Record: 2008

[This is one of those "blog-keeping" posts that's likely to be of interest only to yours truly. Feel free to peek and yawn, or to move on to something more interesting.]

According to Blogger, I’ve posted only 69 times on Foothills Fancies in 2008, not a terrific record for what’s supposed to be my “primary” blog. Twenty-seven of those posts have been written since Watcher nudged me to get going again in November, and 42 were in the first half of the year. I love blogging, but on the whole, it’s been mostly a winter sport to date.

However, in my defense, I have been active on other blogs, and this year I’ve written almost as many posts for other purposes (91, half of which were for work) as I have for my own (103). In 2006, I took to blogging with gusto, and set up blogs for every reason I could think of, eleven in total. Some of them never really took, and today four of them are completely dormant, with no posts since 2006. Two of those were set up for time-specific purposes and have run out, e.g., a trip blog that began and ended in 2006 with a respectable 68 posts, 55 of which were written by me. Other attempts at team-blogging have proven unproductive; no one I’ve invited takes to it quite like I do, but I keep having high hopes. (I even invited Cat Woman to help here at FF, but so far she’s resisted successfully.)

2007 was a highly dormant blog year, with only 51 total posts written for six blogs, including two new ones I created for nonpersonal reasons (Lariat Loop and Mountain Parks, see sidebar).

In 2008, three new blogs were created. One, a memorial blog for a friend who died last summer, seems to have run its course but remains as a static tribute. Another is a project blog that has yet to truly catch on. The third is a place blog that I will get back to someday. The memorial blog took off briefly in June and July, concatenation of the project and work blogs created a substantial spike in August, and the work blog continued strong in September.

So, rather than the 5-month hiatus apparent from the post record here at FF, there has been no true lull, and only two slow months, April and October. I'm doing better than I think! It's a bit slow starting this year, so far, but stay tuned, hope springs eternal...

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